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leave a message with any questions or interests you might have. we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

where are you located?

we are located at 30 arbor street #211 in hartford. if you’re coming from capitol ave, it’s the first big building on the left hand side with a loading dock at the center! if you’re coming from park road, it’s the first building after real art ways on your right hand side.

where do i park?

we have free parking surrounding the building. it’s typically never full, because there is so! much! parking! – but, just in case, street parking is free as well. in addition, overflow parking is available next door behind 56 arbor street/real art ways.

i parked… now how do i find you?

head inside through one of the main entrances. there is one in front by the loading dock, and one in back by the big smoke stack. at the security screen, tap “virtual key” and enter our code. on your first visit, you will receive the code – check your texts + email (and spam!). if you don’t have the code, no worries – press “directory” and tap afterglow studio. someone from our team will let you in. take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and we are right around the corner in 211. you may also take the stairwell, which you can find by walking straight through the mailroom (located across from the elevator).

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